Angi has over twenty five years of horse training experience. Twelve of these years were spent working as the head trainer for Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue and learning from wild horses.

DSC_0877     Angi got started with horses at the age of 11.  After relentlessly begging her mother she finally convinced her go get her very first horse.  For the price of $60, she got a 12 year old POA stud that had never been started under saddle.  She named it “Warrior,” and with absolutely no horse knowledge she eventually managed to get it to accept a saddle and a rider and out of sheer persistence, “I flew through the air so many times with that horse, it was some crazy horse adventure.” Little did she know that many more horse adventures would lie ahead.

     Angi has truly made her passion her work. Gifted in her ability to work with horses and people to teach them how to communicate with each other, Angi has taught numerous wild horse bootcamps, and clinics.  A five time competitor in the Extreme Mustang Makeover,  Angi is currently running a ranch in beautiful Santa Ynez that hosts leadership development programs and is helping people heal and change their lives with horses as the guides.

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